Luxury Hermes replica market in 2017 will be back to 1% – 2% growth.

The French luxury group Hermes kelly bags international income steady growth in the third quarter, fixed exchange rates grew from 8.1% in the second quarter and first quarter of 6.2% to 8.8%. The continuing growth of mainland China offset the decline of local market.

Hermes international group overall revenues totaling 1.2567 billion Euro in the third quarter, the same period last year to 1.1431 billion Euro. Support growth is still the leather harness series product, the period of revenue surged 16.3% to 630.2 million Euro, production capacity, improve play a positive role, group revealed that this year has been for its factory hiring 300 new staff; Perfume also continue to have a double digit growth. Ready-to-wear fashion accessories series continues to improve, reversing the decline in the third quarter of 0.1% during the first half of the weak growth; Hermes watch is stagnant.

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Hermes international global market in the third quarter is worst in France, a 0.9% decline in the third quarter, and 8.9% in the second quarter can achieve rapid growth; Division abroad Europe rose 9.8%, more than 6.7% in the second quarter of the progress. Japan’s growth slowed to 5.6% from 7.3% in the second quarter. America have dropped significantly from 12.1% to 7.3%, the group said the whole environment is not stable, but have a stable growth in the United States, the European demand is rising.

Many luxury hermes replica handbags companies have said, in proportion to the above account for one-third of global demand of the Chinese consumers have been start to improve luxury spending, partly by the government to encourage local consumption policy implications.

HSBC analyst research report pointed out that depreciation last August and November Paris dampen demand of psychological factors such as terrorist attacks has decreased, luxury goods will return to the bull market. Bain report also points out that the traditional global luxury Hermes replica bags  market in 2017 will be back to 1% – 2% growth.

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